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April 21, 2024

A small debris pile within the plant property was ignited by a lightning strike during storms that were responsible for at least two fires in Brunswick on Sunday evening, April 21. An on-site employee reported the lightning strike and the Brunswick Fire Dept was called and arrived on-site quickly to extinguish the minor fire. Pinova is grateful to the first responders who acted quickly and effectively.

Update on decommissioning of Brunswick facility

The decommissioning of the former Pinova facility is proceeding safely, in compliance with all applicable permits, and should be completed by the end of this year. A water truck operates every day when there is construction work that could cause dust. Asbestos is being removed by a licensed asbestos contractor. Land remediation of the Hercules site is being managed by Georgia Environmental Protection Division experts under a state environmental permit. We have been in regular communications with stakeholders including city and county governments, business leaders, neighborhood associations and local media. 

Decommissioning Process

Goal – Re-purpose the property to be of value to the community

The remediation work by Hercules will continue on the property.

Supporting First Responders

On March 6, 2024, Pinova donated the fire foam trailer that had been built for the site.   Ron Kurtz, Senior Director of Operations, and Heather Bickle Hills, Director of Maintenance & Reliability, present the custom-built fire foam trailer to Glynn County Fire Chief Vincent “Vinnie” DiCristofalo on March 6, 2024

About Pinova

From 2010 until its closure, the Pinova plant delivered state-of-the-art performance specialty rosin, polyterpene resins, and key ingredients for many of the world’s most essential industries and best-known brands.

Following the announcement of the Brunswick site’s closure, the parent company DRT, based in France, offered solutions and product alternatives to its customers. For further information, please contact DRT’s sales representatives via DRT company’s website.

The American flag has flown over the Pinova property for many years. It will continue to be a familiar sight along Hwy 17.


Pinova had to make a difficult decision to close its Brunswick plant operations on June 28, 2023 when approximately 213 employees were informed the facility that had been shut down since the fire would not re-open.

Pinova worked with local employers to hold career fairs and offer other forms of assistance to employees, in line with the company’s values. Since then, most workers have found a path forward, whether new jobs, retirement or going back to school for retraining. A reduced workforce is managing a safe decommissioning through completion in late 2024.

Job Fair for Former Employees.
Pinova and local businesses sponsored job fairs for former employees in June and July, 2024.
Group photo of Bridge Run participants
The annual “Bridge Run” February 17 was an opportunity for Pinova to support the Southeast Georgia Health System and for former employees to enjoy a reunion.

Our History

Since the Brunswick naval stores plant broke ground in 1911, the site has been an economic force that helped Brunswick and Glynn County grow and employed generations of people. At one point in the 1950s, 900 people worked at the plant, then owned by Hercules.

The property that encapsulated the manufacturing areas was purchased by Pinova in 2010. Hercules, the former owner and operator, still owns non-operational portions of the facility and is responsible for environmental remediation work throughout.

Information about the plant’s 100-year-old history is found at

Next Steps


For more than 30 years, the former plant owner Hercules has been remediating the property around the plant. This remediation work is ongoing and will continue through Pinova’s decommissioning activities.

Information about Hercules’ remediation work can be found at


The Pinova facility is being decommissioned and that work is on schedule to finish by the end of 2024. The process is guided by safety and concern for the environment. Strict safety protocols are in place, along with a commitment to keep any impact to the community or the environment to a minimum.

Our goal is to accomplish the removal of materials from the plant and the demolition of buildings safely and in compliance with all regulatory and professional standards.


The process that will last through 2024 will ensure that adequate time and attention is devoted to a safe and effective decommissioning. During this process, Pinova will follow mandated and accepted professional practices. Pinova’s aim is to prepare the site for redevelopment benefiting the community for decades to come.

Contacts and Information

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