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Pinova announced in June 2023 that the plant it has operated since 2010 in Brunswick, Georgia will close permanently. The announcement followed a fire that occurred April 15, 2023. The fire destroyed core production assets and infrastructure and caused all site operations to cease since that day. Following the fire, a top to bottom investigation of the fire’s damage made it clear that it will not be economically feasible to bring the plant back online. Pinova is committed to close the site in line with its values.

About Pinova

Since 2010 Pinova has delivered state-of-the-art performance specialty rosin, polyterpene resins, and key ingredients for many of the world’s most essential industries and best-known brands. Customers in over 100 countries have used Pinova’s premium performance rosin resins and polyterpene resins to meet the exacting product standards in a wide variety of specialized markets. Pinova has been dedicated to sustainability, innovation, enduring quality, and customer service.

Following the announcement of the Brunswick site’s closure, the parent company DRT, based in France, is stepping in to offer solutions and product alternatives to its customers. For further information, please contact DRT’s sales representatives via DRT company’s website.


Pinova made a difficult decision recently to close its Brunswick plant operations. Approximately 220 employees were informed on June 28, 2023 that the facility that had been shut down since a fire occurred on April 15 would not re-open.

Employee layoffs are occurring in a phased manner to safely wind down, decommission and close the production site in compliance with all regulatory standards. Layoffs began on September 15 and will continue in phases through 2024. A reduced workforce will help manage a safe shut-down through completion.

Pinova supported employees in line with the company’s values and provided career counseling and support transitioning to future employment.

Job Opportunities

Pinova encouraged employees to apply for positions that are available within its US corporate network, in particular at its Rincon plant in Georgia. At the same time, the company worked with the Brunswick-Golden Isles Chamber of Commerce and Golden Isles Development Authority to match skilled and qualified employees with local companies.

We have been working closely with our employees and helping to identify career opportunities for them through multiple career fairs, job postings, and training opportunities helping to prepare them for different career paths.

Four career fairs were hosted at the plant in July and early August, with 70 area employers participating. Major employers from the region, including the U.S. Navy Trident training facility in Kings Bay, had a chance to talk with a large number of employees. Some received job offers on the spot. 

Approximately 80 percent of Pinova’s 200-person workforce have a path forward. Sixty percent of employees have found new jobs and 20 percent are either retiring, retraining or pursuing other opportunities.

If you are an area employer and would like to connect with your next potential hire, please contact

Our History

Since the Brunswick naval stores plant broke ground in 1911, the facility has been an economic force, helping Brunswick and Glynn County grow and employing generations of people. At one point in the 1950s, 900 people worked at the plant, then owned by Hercules. 

The property that encapsulates the manufacturing areas has been owned by Pinova since 2010. Hercules, the former owner and operator, still owns non-operational portions of the facility and is responsible for environmental investigation and remediation work both on its current property and at the plant.

Information about the plant’s 100-year-old history is found at and

Next Steps


For more than 30 years, the former plant owner Hercules has been investigating and remediating the property around the plant. This remediation work is ongoing and will continue through Pinova’s demolition activities that will begin in November.

Information about Hercules’ remediation work can be found at


The plan to shut down the plant is being developed by Pinova. It is guided by safety and concern for the environment. Strict safety protocols will be in place, along with a commitment to keep any impact to the environment to a minimum.

The removal of materials from the plant and the demolition of buildings will be accomplished safely and in compliance with all regulatory and professional standards. Erosion control measures will be in place after buildings are removed.


The decommissioning process that will last through 2024 will ensure that adequate time and attention is devoted to a safe and effective shut-down. During this process, Pinova will follow mandated and accepted professional practices. At the same time, Pinova will consider and prepare the way for productive re-use of the site. We recognize that productive and appropriate re-development of the property is of prime importance to people in Brunswick. As our current focus is on the safe shut-down of the plant, more specific plans for the future of the site will be discussed with the community at a later date.

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